Ransomware on the Rise

638 Million: Let that number sink in for a second.

IT experts, Managed Service Providers and technology insiders have all been warning about the growing epidemic of Ransomware for some time now. The means by which companies and individuals are infected by it continues to become more sophisticated and – according to recent findings – the numbers of those infected is growing at an alarming rate.

Glossary of IT Terms

Technology moves fast these days. It’s crucial for any business owner to stay on top of it in order to not  only maximize business potential, but more importantly, free up time to get back to the business at hand.

With technology, it all starts with education.

We’ve compiled some “every-day” IT Terms below to help business owners and those handling technology at your organization to stay better up to speed.


Bridge the Gap Between Paper Files and Secure Digital Workflow

Lotus Development Corp., a global leader in developing business applications and building employee collaboration, said it best in a recent study: “The most valuable documentation is littered across department managers’ desks.”

Where are documents in and around your office? Are they stuffed in filing cabinets or drawers? Collecting dust on top of multifunction printers? Perhaps more importantly: How are they sent, shared and stored, and how well are they secured? A Document Management solution can help bridge the gap between paper files and a secure digital workflow process.

Phishing Scam targets Gmail

A new online phishing scam is targeted at one of the most popular email services on the globe  – Gmail.

A blog from the web security plug-in company Wordfence initially reported on the attack on Gmail, which currently has more than 1 billion users.

Thank You!

As we close out 2016 and look forward to making 2017 a year to remember, East Texas Copy Systems wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone who chooses to do business with us. It is our distinct pleasure to serve as your Business Technology partner.

Exciting Opportunity for IT Sales Professional

Are you ready to be part of a winning team that's empowering East Texas businesses through technology?

ETCS is looking to hire an Inside Sales Rep for our Tyler office. If you have sales experience in the IT industry and are looking for an exciting new opportunity, come join our growing team in helping companies in the East Texas area with their business technology. Please send inquiries to

Our Christmas Wishes for Your Office

Merry Christmas, everyone!

2016 has been a year to remember for business technology. Cyber attacks have surged. Yahoo made headlines with its large scale data breach. Add to that the US Department of Homeland Security, Verizon Enterprise Solutions and LinkedIn, just to name a few other cyber attack victims. The manner in which documents are handled, searched, retrieved, stored, etc. within the office continues to evolve. And acute awareness over one’s technology landscape is crucial moving forward.


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