Don't Get Hooked by Phishing Scam

“The precondition to freedom is security.” Rand Beers

 Security experts continue to warn consumers and businesses about new and emerging phishing scams. These cyber threats are aptly named, as cyber criminals “phish” their way into a deep digital landscape attempting to lure victims. The “bait” used in these pursuits today can be discreetly disguised as just about any entity imaginable.

As an example, consider the popular streaming service Netflix.

'That Which is Measured, Improves'

"That which is measured, improves.” – Karl Pearson


If you don’t pay attention, accurately tracking your printing costs can become a lot like herding cats.

Desktop printers eating up cartridges by the dozens, coupled with an organization’s inability to track meters or departmental purchases of supplies, some just chalk the expenses up to the “cost of doing business.”

However, just as it’s stated in Pearson's Law: "That which is measured, improves.”

5 Practical Security Tips You Can Use Today

“Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.” – Robbie Sinclair, Head of Security, NSW Australia

Safety and security are always a concern in all things, from kids playing on the playground to our government securing our nation from potential threats. But never before have businesses of all sizes seen the real potential for data loss, Ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Ignorance is Not Bliss When it Comes to Securing Documents

In a recent interview about his career in comedy, Will Ferrell remarked that ignorance – rather than fearlessness - is a key part to comedy.  “If you know too much you will be totally paralyzed,” he says. “To begin with I didn’t know enough to be fearful. And even though I have got to know more, obviously, I have tried to hold on to that.”

Unfortunately, ignorance brings no such fortune in today’s business world. In a digital era, where cyber security is a rapidly increasing threat, there is no place for naivety when it comes to document security.

Safeguarding Your Business Data

The recent devastation of Hurricane Harvey has reminded everyone in Texas and beyond of the violent potential of Mother Nature. As such, it’s important to be prepared and to expect the unexpected.

Your business is no exception. When it comes to properly securing your company’s crucial data and information, ideally a solution should be implemented well before a natural disaster, a data breach, hardware failure or other unexpected event that could compromise your company’s (and your customer’s) vital information. 

Without it, you could find your business completely crippled.

How is Technology Changing the Way You Work?

We tell clients all the time about the vast changing landscape of technology. It’s a topic on podcasts, blogs, in board rooms and around dinner tables.

What will our world look like in 5 years? 10 years? How is technology going to change the way we work and play? The amount of data out there today, as well as the velocity of which it’s being created, is almost incomprehensible as you peek into the (very near) future.

Big Data online site Dzone recently published several Big Data Facts about how technology and data are changing the future and our lives.

Considering Office Equipment? Do Your Due Diligence

“Golf is deceptively simple, endlessly complicated.” – Arnold Palmer

Just as the nuances of golf are much more complex than simply hitting a dimpled ball with a metal stick, a copier, in today’s business world, is much more than just a copier. Known better as  a Multifunction Printer, the MFP is where document workflow begins at your office, with the ability to print, scan, fax and copy from one single device.

Do You "Pass" the Password Test?

Online attack can cripple a company, bringing productivity to a halt and comprising its own data, as well as its customers. Proper protection begins with something as simple as a password.

 Below are a few ETCS tips for your business to help ensure your passwords don’t make your organization vulnerable to attack. How does your company stand on this?


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