Do You "Pass" the Password Test?

Online attack can cripple a company, bringing productivity to a halt and comprising its own data, as well as its customers. Proper protection begins with something as simple as a password.

 Below are a few ETCS tips for your business to help ensure your passwords don’t make your organization vulnerable to attack. How does your company stand on this?

Securing Your Office: Areas of Focus

In business, and particularly in the technology you employ to help operate it, you can never be too careful.

Your copier or multi-function printer is a hub from which hundreds, even thousands of documents come and go regularly. Whether scanning/emailing, uploading PDFs from a USB drive, or simply printing, organizations need a viable plan for securing these documents and the often-critical information they contain. Not only are wasteful practices costly, they carry a security risk for your company.

5 Advantages: Managed Network Services

Does technology at your office, intended to boost productivity, seem to be more of a burdensome time suck?

Your receptionist still can’t retrieve her email. The company’s Internet was down for two hours on Wednesday.  The accounting software is running slower than ever before (and tomorrow’s pay day).  And in those brief “quiet moments,” you think about all the recent news concerning ransomware. In the back of your mind, you can’t shake the thought: Is your business fully protected from online threats?

Ransomware: Remain Mindful and Proactive

The threat of Ransomware continues to grow. The Wanna Cry Ransomware attack, which targeted Microsoft Windows operating systems earlier this month, is a mainstream news-worthy reminder for business owners to be mindful and proactive.

So how confident are security leaders in current defense against Ransomware? A recent survey compiled by Secureworks  indicates that the threat is as big as ever. The company collected results from security leaders in industries including high tech, healthcare and professional services. Here are a few of the findings:

Quick Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

Over the weekend, a family friend and I were chatting at a gathering when the subject of work came up.  As the sales director for a newly-opened auto dealership, he’s constantly trying to find additional ways to stay lean as the new store works to gain traction.

Eventually, the dealership’s office copier came up. Though he couldn’t even recall the make or model of the MFP that sits in their offices, he did know this: “You wouldn’t believe how much waste there is (with printing); copies just sitting on and around the copier all the time. It’s insane,” he said.

Email Security: Start with the Subject Line

We all depend on email to conduct daily business – it’s an everyday part of life at our computer and on our smartphones. From within our inbox, we’re bombarded with dozens to thousands of messages pleading for our immediate attention.

Opening these messages and clicking through them comes with great risk. Email is the most common place for both phishing and ransomware attacks to occur. When you click on that malicious link or open that malicious attachment from your inbox, you’ve unknowingly downloaded malware onto your machine and your data could very well be compromised.

3 Things You May Not Know About Document Management

Do you find yourself lost in paper files?

Document Management means, simply put, a structured digital filing environment. ETCS, in partnership with Ademero’s Content Central, creates a centralized data system designed to store, index and allow secure access to documents electronically. An EDM solution secures documents, eliminates the complication of physical storage of documents, and for everyday application, accelerates search/retrieval times when accessing these documents.

Managing a Mobile Workforce

When it comes to business processes today, more often than not, there’s an app for that.

Your workforce is increasingly more mobile today, as are your customers. Our smart phones offer the ability to conduct business from just about anywhere, certainly making all involved much more productive and efficient.

But the IT service desk can’t fall behind this progress.

A Friendly Reminder on World Backup Day

What would you do if your server crashed? Do you have a workable strategy if a fire or storm damages your facilities, or if you fall victim to the increasingly-dangerous Ransomware?

What would being “down” for hours, days, or even weeks, do to your business?

Today is World Backup Day, which is a wonderful opportunity to remind businesses just how vital it is to have a suitable data backup solution in place. No matter what.


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