Business Phone Systems

By moving on from overpriced, underpowered and antiquated phone systems, your office increases its mobility and, in effect, overall productivity.

VoIP Phone Systems offer a list of features and advantages that more businesses are taking advantage of.

East Texas Copy Systems is a proud partner with 3CX and Cisco/Meraki, along with a variety of VoIP Phone vendors. 

  • An Extension Away at All Times: Enjoy office to office connectivity free of charge. Have a remote location across the state or nation? Phone contact is a mere extension away.
  • Voicemail to Email: Have all voicemails forwarded via email to your smartphone or other device.
  • Anywhere Access: Any smart phone or soft-phone connected to the Internet can be used with Cuda-tel, without the use of complex VPNs. Remote employees can operate just as they were sitting in the office with Internet-connected phones, fully connected to the office phone system. Also, Find-Me features allow any user's extention to ring a mobile phone, home phone, or other number when they aren't at their desk.
  • Browser-based Call Management: Manage and edit call history, voicemail and individual contacts through a web interface.
  • By IT, for IT: Appliance design is made to be just another application on your network. There's no bulky equipment to bolt to a plywood board.

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