Document Management

Do You find yourself lost in paper files?

Document Management means, simply put, a structured digital filing environment.  ETCS, in partnership with Ademero’s Content Central, creates a centralized data system designed to store, index and allow secure access to documents electronically. Content Central automates the workflow process, and our team will help move your paper-based forms to an electronic format, eliminating the complication of physical storage of documents and accelerating search/retrieval and transaction times in general.

 Do you want an easier way to manage and protect your paper files? 

  • Protect important documents - by having a digital copy. 
  • Reduce filing time and costs - reduce labor expenses for filing documents. 
  • Access needed documents in seconds - to save time and improve service levels. 
  • Enable quick access by multiple users at a time - versus retrieving paper from filing cabinets. 
  • Eliminate misplaced or misfiled documents. 
  • Reduce copying costs. 
  • Reduce mailing costs - send documents via email.