Business Technology is what we do - and we've been doing it longer than anyone in East Texas. From Copiers to printers to IT services, please have a look to see what some of our our customers have to say about their experience with us.


Fox 51 East Texas

"Great Service. I have always been happy with East Texas Copy Systems.  Very good response time and pleasant and helpful employees."

Drew Balch 
Fox 51 East Texas

Marshall ISD

"From a customer service standpoint, East Texas Copy Systems was top notch. The service has been very personable. Kelly Hunley has been great and Beverly Russell is so good at training, and she knows a lot of the people here already.  

Kelly is always available - he's worked late nights with me, and he responded to all my texts immediately. Kelly is the one who brought up Canon's Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP). I told him we were trying to push everything to the cloud, and that I wished there was a way we could do that. And Kelly said, "well, Ron, there is this Google app."

I had a Campus Instructional Tehnologist here at Marshall ISD say to me "Ron, I've been thinking about this a long time: Teachers want to be able to scan their documents into something they could share across a teaching curriculum. A social studies teacher could share something with all the other social studies classes. Is there any way we could do that?" She didn't know, and I said I didn't know. It would be great if we could share in the cloud somewhwere. I sent an email to Kelly, and that's when he said Canon had this MEAP device, and asked if it was something I might be interested in East Texas Copy Systems installing.

One of the big advantages for us right now is to quickly run a script to install print drivers remotely. This Remote Operator's Kit (ROK) (Canon's specific Remote Desktop Protocol tool) saves me a lot of time. I've got 16 buildings, and it's a team of me and four others. Remote Desktop is exactly what I needed to support these Canons. If I don't have RDP, I have to drive out there and make time for every person who has an issue. We live by remote support. If I had a person at every school, that might be different. But that's not the case."

Ron Lehr, 
Director of Technology, Marshall ISD


Gregg County Community Supervision

"All your staff have gone beyond the call of duty. Thank you for such good people. Suggestions for improvement? How can you top the best?"

Cindy Cook, 
Gregg County Community Supervision



"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your guys for all the hard work that was put forth last week (and many times before then.) I knew I was in trouble when I had to have both Mark and Mike here to address the issue with my copier/printer.

This is one of the few times I was able to witness how great of a team these two guys made. They were bouncing ideas and questions off of each other as they both learned how to fix the problems that they had not yet encountered. I had no worries or doubts that I would be back up and running soon, even with what seemed like a million tiny pieces scattered about. This is the first time we have been down for several days, but the courtesy of both Mark and Mike letting me know what steps were next and how long it would take before parts came in helped ease my supervisors.

The follow-up from Mark to make sure everything was working correctly was great as well. He has always been there to help me out when we need him. 
I would also like to compliment the ladies on the other end of the phone. They are always courteous and cheerful when I call. Regardless of if I need service or toners. 
You have a great team working for you."

Sheila Motley 
Literature and Trade Show Coordinator


East Texas Council of Governments 

The dispatcher was very patient while I explained what was going on with  the machine, and knowledgeable of the problems we were having. Erich Troell has been the nice technician we have had. He was very informative and exceeded our expectations. Will ask for him again."

Christy Fowler, 
East Texas Council of Governments


Panola College

"Beverly Russell with East Texas Copy Systems has asked me to prepare a letter of reference on her behalf. I do this with great pleasure.

I have known Ms. Russell for more than twenty-six years. While I was employed with Texas Utilities Mining Company, Ms. Russell was awarded the contract for our word processors and copier service. Currently, she is providing Panola College with our copier and facsimile service. I have seen firsthand Ms. Russell's ability to perform her duties as representative for East Texas Copy Systems.

I have dealt with numerous copier companies and I can assure you that you get what you pay for. We have no problems in our relationship with East Texas Copy Systems. Other copier companies would fail to return maintenance calls or their billing service was so terrible that you would spend hours upon hours trying to straighten them out.

I am confident her dedication and knowledge would be an asset to your district."

Micheal S. Edens

Director of Administrative Services


Longview Clinic Operations Company, LLC

"Chris arrived promptly, introduced himself and serviced the machine quickly with very little down time. He did an excellent job."


Tracy Sadler

Longview Clinic Operations Company, LLC



The response time on the service side has been perfect. I received a call from ETCS recently for a meter reading, and was asked how everything was going. I told her one of our machines was misfeeding. A service tech was here within an hour. I was surprised: I didn't even ask for, or expect a tech to come that day. 

The new copier has made everything easier. It does everything! We love it. We have a mail-out every quarter, and it's much easier now. All I do is push a couple of buttons and it prints all 500 of them.

If someone I know needs a copier or printer, I will tell them right away to call East Texas Copy Systems.


Brenda Blair

Office Manager, Sojourners


ETMC - Graphics Plus

Justin is always helpful when repairing the machine."


Betty Odom

Graphics Plus